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The aerial photography album Encantador Tenerife is chock-full of unbelievable beauty of the island. It is the result of the several years of hard work that we have spent eternalising the Island of Tenerife, so that every reader could time and time again flip through the pages of this book and remember or find out how wonderful the Island of Tenerife really is.

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How It’s Made

Album “Encantador Tenerife” was created when shooting from a helicopter, drone, airplane model, the observation deck in the mountains! The captured thousands of pictures traveled thousands of kilometers around the island. From the air shooting spent hundreds of hours. Using hundred kilograms photographic techniques.

From The Authors

Who are we? Ein Armor is a team, the heart and soul of which are a husband and a wife keen on travelling, photography and expressing themselves, their emotions and feelings through their photographs. Our aim is to show the people how we see the world. The task is to remind the people that the world is our home and that we ought to love it, know it, and to protect it.

We are especially thankful to our fate, which has brought us to the Canary Islands and to Tenerife. Throughout our lives, we have seen many locations both beautiful and interesting. However, Tenerife has swayed our hearts with how much is packed into this small corner of the earth, which is eternally showered by the vast waters. It is a unique place—a place so beautiful, nobody could possibly doubt it and the subtle desire to return here again and again. It has taken over a sizeable part of our hearts and we would like to share it. This book is a part of Tenerife, a part of us, and we sincerely hope that it will become a part of you. We are certain that this book will touch your heart, will fill it with pleasant memories and sentiments, and perhaps will surprise your with some unseen sighs. We are greatly honoured to have had a chance to compose this book. It is a book that serves as the business card of Tenerife.

Sincerely, the Authors,

Darius and Simona

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